Costa Blanca: a must in your gastronomic record

Costa Blanca: a must in your gastronomic record

Local products, culture, lifestyle and landscape. These are the main ingredients which makes gastronomic tourism in the Costa Blanca a sensational experience for food lovers. 

The Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest and well-known diets in Europe due to their quality and diversity of raw ingredients obtained directly from sea and land.  The thoughtfulness in the experience is a requirement for Spanish people, and this is why Costa Blanca is a must between the most important gastronomic destinations. 

Most of the products in Spain count with a certificate of origin, a quality stamp to ensure the excellence of where these products are from. In the Costa Blanca you’ll find the best wines, nísperos, turrones, cherries, grapes, and liquors, between others, under this certificate claiming the best of Spanish products. Paella alicantina becomes the lead in the gastronomic offer in the Costa Blanca, thus you can’t leave without tasting the best rice of the country complemented with the outstanding seafood from the Mediterranean. 

On the other hand, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy several restaurants with Michelin stars (the most prestigious worldwide gastronomy award) in the area, in which you’ll be able to get to know the culture and lifestyle of Spanish people through their food.  

If you are looking to be drowned by the Spanish culture, its expression through their food experience is a great place to start, and Costa Blanca is the perfect location to get to know the greatest of the Mediterranean.

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